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Jan 07 2011

Day Two: Lunch at Piero’s during CES

Lunch at Piero's Day Two

Lunch at Piero's Press Event During CES 2011

It’s kind of like a wedding.  Months of preparation, lots of great dialogue, pictures, video, people from all over the world, and then, poof! it’s done.  At least for this year.  Lunch at Piero’s 2011 was a fabulous nexus of innovators and reporters, analysts and video crews.  Media joined us from the Las Vegas Convention Center across the street to see apps, mobile devices, gadgets, tablets, software, and some technologies that you will only see in next generation entertainment and PC devices.  Find out all about our sponsors here.  Thank you to everyone who joined us, both sponsors and editorial teams.  Videos and photo album will be posted here.  But for now, I’m taking a couple of days off.  See you here next week.

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Jan 06 2011

First Day at Lunch at Piero’s Provides Pure Editorial Excitement During CES

Absolute Software demonstrated LoJack for Laptops at Lunch at Piero's press event during CES

Featuring sponsors showing products ranging from jaw-dropping 3D maps to delightful stylish monitors, and from the latest in lightning-fast USB 3.0 to apps, tablets and gadgets galore, Lunch at Piero’s Day One was filled with 260 press and TV crews from around the world. A steady flow of reporters asked great questions and we had a tough time finding a moment where sponsors had a lull so we could shoot our own video interviews.
Perhaps this is the harbinger of 2011 to come. The mood certainly was upbeat and there quite a number of forehead-slapping moments. We’ll be posting video with all of our sponsors in the next few days.

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Mar 17 2010

Engineer combines art and technology for ZAP Alias electric vehicle

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ZAP is a pioneering electric car company in Santa Rosa, California.  You may have seen the company’s unusual Xebra cars or heard about their flashy ZAP Alias.  The company recently announced it is entering the fleet car business through a partnership with Jonway in China, who will manufacture all electric cars based on a very attractive EU-quality sedan design.   ZAP is also getting into the charging station business and has targeted countries around the world where the path to adoption of electric cars is being eagerly awaited.

ZAP’s  highly attractive three-wheeled vehicle, the Alias, will compete in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize.  Check out this video with Joseph Rajakaruna, engineer for ZAP.  Joseph combines his interest in science and art with his passion for cars and a rich background at Honda and Visteon Automotive, a division of Ford.  Now he is part of the ZAP electric vehicle team.   

We had the opportunity to see the Alias and the ZAP taxi in person this past weekend, and even myself at six feet tall could slip easily into the car.  We’ll keep you updated about the X-Prize competition.

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