Jan 01 2010

The Bible meets Multimedia at Lunch at Piero’s

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Newsweek calls it “cool with a capital C.”  Glo is a new interactive Bible that brings God’s Word to life through HD video, images, animations, maps, reading plans, virtual tours and more. It helps make the timeless truths of the ancient world more accessible to today’s mobile society. The U.K.’s Telegraph says Glo is “bring[ing] religion to [the] digital generation.”

But it’s not just a Bible. It’s also a media platform full of Christian resources that’s constantly being updated and expanded to stay current. Its multiple navigation lenses give instant access to hours of content. In addition to browsing content, Glo offers customizable Bible reading plans and a personalized journal to house notes and bookmarks. Essentially, it’s the future of the Bible – an exciting new platform that engages the digital generation.
Glo by the numbers:
450+ Virtual Reality Tours
3.5 hours of HD video
2,300+ High Resolution Photos
650+ Works of Artwork
140+ Maps
7,000+ Encyclopedia Articles
and more

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