Jan 12 2008

MTube, one of the world’s tiniest x86 PC based on VIA x86 CPU makes US debut at Lunch@Piero’s 2008

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Developed in Taiwan by the government-funded Science and Technology Advisory Group, and using WiMAX technology, the MTube is a new device which aims to bring the functionality of a PC down to handheld dimensions. MTube is the world’s smallest x86 PC. It is pocket-sized but able to hold up to 8GB of data in its tiny 8.5 x 8.5 x 2cm body, and uses a 1Ghz VIA microprocessor and chipset allowing it to run a Linux-distribution OS.  The device made its US debut at Lunch@Piero’s, the invitation-only press event during CES.

With its 2.8-inch VGA touch screen together with WiFi and WiMAX capability, the MTube is capable of receiving digital DVB-T TV broadcast programs. In this demo, we broadcast video content using a DVB-T modulator. The DVB-T signal is fed via a wire into a MTube DVB-T receiver for demodulation. VIA’s powerful CPU performs video decoding and playback and also facilitates advanced features such as time-shifted TV viewing. MTube also supports picture-in-picture viewing, where the thumb view on a screen corner is processed by the video accelerator in the VIA chipset.

CPU: VIA 1GHz x86
Operating system: Linux
Display: 2.8-inch touch panel (640×480)
Hard disk: 8G
Battery life: 4-hour
Dimension: 8.5×8.5×2 cm
Weight: 150g (more)

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